Who am I to write about such a subject as this? Well, nobody really. Just a bloke in my mid-fifties who, for reasons I’m not able to explain, has spent an unhealthy proportion of his life thinking about the state of the world; and the conditions for, constraints upon and therefore the possibility of, the further progress of humankind.

I’ve have no formal education in any of the disciplines I call upon in these pages. I’m not an economist, nor a political scientist, neither a sociologist nor an anthropologist. I have no qualifications in psychology or philosophy and certainly not in any kind of cultural studies. Many will see this as a disadvantage; some will simply stop reading. They might be right to do so, but I’m not sure.

If you’re going to tackle the big questions of human existence and civilizational progress, I think it might be better not to specialize to deeply in one discipline or another, and to maintain as wide a reading list as possible. It strikes me that too many people fail to see the big picture because their education has encouraged them not to.

I’d be very surprised if this endeavour gets anyway near offering up tangible solutions or having a direct impact on policy, but if it succeeds in helping a few people think about the world just a little differently, then maybe a little progress will have been made.

A note on method: Every piece on this site is a work in progress, which is why each concludes with the date it was last updated. If I come across something that causes me to change my view on a subject already covered, then I might choose to update the earlier piece, rather than write something new. At some point all the material assembled here might provide the basis for a book. In the meantime it’s free to read and share, though I’d be grateful if you’d link back to the source.

Pieces filed under ‘Articles’ are generally pieces I’ve had published elsewhere. New stuff written originally for this site will appear under ‘Blog’.

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Last updated: 2nd May 2020