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The Possibility of Progress is a wide ranging exploration of the prospects for progress towards a more just, inclusive and sustainable world. It draws on economics, poltics, moral philosophy, evolutionary biology and social psychology to suggest that while there are no natural limits on the development of civilization, continued progress is dependent on the collective determination of human beings to create a better future. A longer synopsis and reviews can be found here.

Available from all good booksellers, or here from Amazon, or direct from the publisher.

Four Horsemen: The Survival Manual, co-written with film director Ross Ashcroft and inspired by his film, Four Horsemen, picks up on the themes of The Possibility of Progress, discussing four modern-day threats to civilization a rapacious financial system, orgnaised violence and terrorism, poverty and inequality, and environmental breakdown and examines what needs to change in respect of economics and governance to repel these threats.

You can buy Four Horsemen: The Survival Manual at Amazon.

The Blueprint is a political thriller set in the near future. It imagines a world in which the threats outlined in Four Horsemen: The Survival Manual become so acute that world leaders are finally forced to act: A small group of exceptional people have two years to come up with a plan to save the world and persuade national governments to make it happen.

January 2017: I’ve withdrawn The Blueprint from sale. The changes of the last few months – the Brexit referendum result and the election of Donald Trump – make it unreadable in its current form. I may well rewrite it at some point in the future.